Example Games & Experiences

Cards Against Humanity: Allows members to relax and become accustomed to a college-like colloquial atmosphere.

Superfight: Members learn to assert, debate, and campaign for their ideas in the form of a character crafted by them.

Blunderball: Our own original game designed to have members lead and advocate for each other in a team atmosphere.

Trips and Visits to Local Businesses: Gives members a unique experience seeing businesses behind the scenes, allowing them to ask tough questions to managers or owners. On these visits, members also experience a mock-interview to prepare for their future employment endeavors.

What's achieved through Club 8?
First-Hand Social Skills Experience
Emotional Intelligence
Good Sportsmanship
Long-Lasting Friendships
Collaboration and Teamwork
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Welcome to the Club!

What is Club 8?

We are a social skills group for teens and young adults ages 14-20. Club 8 is designed to help overcome social anxiety, build confidence, develop friendships, gain leadership skills, and enjoy a unique, fun experience each week. Club 8 is a safe confidential space to relax and grow.



Engaging in group activities at our special space for Club 8, local stores, galleries, recreation centers and college campuses.


Practicing decision making, group leadership, assertiveness and relaxation techniques.



Being supported, accepted and understood by peers who are facing similar difficulties.

Success Stories
  • Lucas

    "I got to meet some really cool people here, and had fun with all the games!"

  • Sarah

    "I'm a very shy person. Club 8 helped me open up a little bit more and talk to new people!"

Relive the Fun!

Past Meetings and Events

We love our staff

"It's a wonderful feeling to see young adults truly enjoy activities outside their comfort zones. We have seen members transform from shy to assertive and develop solid friendships beyond meetings. Club 8 develops the social skills necessary to navigate the college and employment environments."

Dr. Fred L. Holtz, Ph.D

"Helping munchkins find their inner Heroes together and put their new skills to work are some of the most rewarding aspects of my career ☺"

Dr. Carla Lynn Bernstein

"I enjoy being a Club 8 facilitator because it's fun to meet all the kids, it feels great to help them socialize & come out of their shell. It makes me feel like a kid again!"

Rownak Choudhury, PsyD
Facilitator, Psychologist

"It's such a joy to see how the teens transform from beginning to end and all the new friendships that form."

Alyssa Bestler
Graduate Intern

"The best part about Club 8 is interacting with all of the fun and energetic kids. I always have a blast at Club 8."

Courteney Epple

"I love seeing the kids interact, laugh, and talk with each other."

Julia Monaco

"I love talking video games, tech, and anime with anyone that's into it. I also really enjoy playing Superfight, especially seeing everyone's face when I throw location and event curveballs!"

Michael Schultz
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  • Julia
  • Michael

We work hard to make sure every member is included, no matter what we do. Our job is to provide everyone with an enjoyable experience, creating an environment where members can make friends, learn and grow.

Have any questions, comments?

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Looking to sign up? Comments? Questions? Feedback?
Send us an email at:Β  info@club88888888.com

Club 8 is now available in 2 locations!

Psychological Services Long Island
400 South Oyster Bay Road
Suite 101 Hicksville, NY 11801

647 Franklin Avenue LL3
Garden City, New York 11530

To reach our office in Hicksville, please call:
For more information on Club 8 in Garden City, please call:

Pricing & Meeting Information.
Club 8 is Divided into 8 sessions, 1 hour per session. $500 per member.

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